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 As a line manager I always had a responsibility to monitor and control the technical quality and performance of the claims people around me. It became a key part of my senior management roles where I devised an audit process that covered:

   > Management information - Data accuracy

   > File management

   > Service delivery performance

   > Technical competency

   > Quantum

   > Client specific requirements

Auditing is only part of the process. It is what you do with the results that are important and this can be channelled into individual or collective training needs analysis as well as corrective action plans through to performance appraisals , right up to and including full operating procedure reviews.

Your clients will anticipate that any renewal or tender you submit includes evidence on how you maintain personal professional competency of your staff and how you will protect them against claims leakage and inefficiences.

At MyForte we can offer advice and guidance on the design of an audit programme as well as participation in the audit process and analysis.

Fees are on either a daily rate for consultation or file auditing or fixed price for specified projects .