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Investigation with MyForte Solutions

Investigation is at the forefront of any liability decision from straightforward correspondence and telephone enquiries to the more comprehensive site visits to interview and obtain witness statements, take photographs and secure documentation.

Site investigations require an enquiring mind and inter-personal skills that can maximise the benefits of testing the quality of any potential defence to a claim. It begins from that very first contact to set up the visit, through to the presentation of a clearly written report.

I make these promises:

Proportionality: I conduct sufficient but not unnecessary enquiries so as to keep the fee to its minimum.

Clarity: I report in plain English and not over-burden the report with legal jargon or repetitive commentary.

Pragmatism: I do not offer false hope of defending or succeeding with a claim. Any guidance will be supported by factual evidence not speculation or opinion.

Risk Management: I realise that underwriters, Finance Directors, or indeed anyone with an interest in accident avoidance or control will have an interest in the outcome. Their concerns will be a consideration within the site visit and reported on.

Timely Reporting: Mindful of the existing and anticipated protocols I will endeavour to investigate and report (email) within 10 working days. For more complex or multi-site enquiries I will provide an interim report within that time as well as a detailed timeline for conclusion of outstanding enquiries. Should bespoke arrangements be required, these can be accommodated by mutual agreement.

Why use me?

My reputation has been built over many years upholding these promises. I deal with all matters personally, right from initial instruction, appointments/first contact, diary management, investigation, reporting and MI capture.

I understand the importance of building relationships with solicitors, claims handlers, underwriters, brokers and policyholders and ensuring that good communication is kept at the forefront of the process. 

I have a wide range of experience dealing with people from all walks of life where discretion and compassion may be required or robust questioning in the appropriate circumstances. The setting may change from the CEO in a boardroom of an international corporation to the living room of domestic claimant but every situation will be dealt with effectively.