"Mike has demonstrated an exceptional ability to drive change at the highest level of organisations. He is passionate about mediation and has taken part in consultations relating to the development of ADR during which he has made sound observations from his industry perspective.

He is trustworthy, driven, and has an eye for detail. He is capable of thinking outside the box to develop novel methods of delivery.

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative."

Judith Kelbie, Solicitor and Director at the London School of Mediation. 6.07.11 

“In my experience of Mike, working on audit and compliance matters, he has always been a manager open to change and development. He embraces new processes and accepts evolution of compliance ideas to get the best from his staff and his client relationships. Mike brought his wealth of experience and broad spectrum of insurance knowledge to all the aspects of work I have known him for.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity"

Marcy Townsend Cert CII  Axa Insurance October 21 2011

“Mike worked with us on developing a service solution for a new and innovative Major Response service. He has a detailed and expert knowledge of his subject and reliably delivered the project to timescales. From implementing the final service proposition within our business, other business classes are now looking at and developing further product ideas and solutions.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity "

Rosie Hewitt  QBE Eurpoean Operations October 17 2011

“Mike is an extremely astute individual who it was my pleasure to meet shortly after joining Cunningham Lindsey. It was through his foresight and drive in setting up CL's Mediation Service that I became involved in mediation, something for which I will be forever grateful. He is also very knowledgeable about legal and insurance related matters and an excellent mediator.”

Michael Dawson FRICS, MCIOB, ACII, FCILA, FUEDI-ELAE  July 12, 2011

Mike handled the intregration of CLM UK into Cl UK in a very professional way, always open for suggestions and in control of the process. The intregation was successfully completed in such a way that all parties were satisfied with the results which was quite an achievement."
Ton Schox CEO Cunningham Lindsey Marine  July 8, 2011

“Mike has an in depth knowledge of the Personal Injury claims arena. He recognises the requirements of the modern claims department and delivers to a high standard.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity "

 Ashley Seath  Axa Insurance  July 7, 2011

“Mike has worked with me, as part of his mediation training, over a number of personal injury mediations for Trust Mediation. He shows a real instinct for this work and I think he will be a natural as a mediator in his own right.” 

Tim Wallis, Mediator and Director, Expedite Resolution Ltd 5 July 2011

“I always found Mike to be one of the most helpful and knowledgeable people within Aon Claims Management. His work as the Claims Investigation Manager was excellent at all times. As well as being first class at his job he was always prepared to listen and pass on knowledge to those around him. It is no surprise that Mike eventually moved on into the roles that he has done as I would always expect him to excel at whatever he does.”

 Nick Neary, Claims Management Executive, Aon Risk Services    July 29, 2011

I have always found Mike to be a conscientious professional with detailed knowledge who shows attention to detail in his work. He is a claims investigator with many years experience and would not hesitate to recommend him”

Steve Baldwin, Claims Coordinator, HSBC Insurance Brokers     October 9, 2011

“I have known and worked with Mike for many years. Mike is an excellent investigator and was one of our most senior claims inspectors. Mike has a can do attitude and regularly volunteered for strategic projects. His audit skills and attention to detail are real assets. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike.”

John Kenny, Claims Manager, Ansvar Insurance, New Zealand    January 12, 2012Mike was recruited to lead a disparate team across the UK and showed flair and innovation when solutions were needed. His attention to detail and quick grasp of issues is invaluable.”

John Bell, Head of Claims, Aon Risk Services, Corporate    February 5, 2012